Autobiography, Part 1

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My mother once told me that my brother came quickly but my birth was long and painful. My brother was healthy and quiet. I was sickly and never stopped crying.

I was born premature, weighing 5 lbs, and my skin was so thin that my eyelids still remain purple. I grew up in a cozy ranch home with an exposed finished basement and a basketball hoop in the driveway. My house was in a suburban culdesac; my best fried lived ten little-girl-steps away.

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I lived in a city of Swedes. Ninety percent of the families were descendants of Swedish immigrants, mine included. My grandmother tried to teach me a little Swedish when I was very young. I retained very little but the pronunciation of certain words sometimes sneaks out of me.

Though I have three older siblings, I lived much of my youth as an only child, finding companionship in my dolls, movies, and books. My older sister was always a mystery to me. I remember looking at a portrait of her in her dance costume and thinking she was the prettiest woman in the world. As a little girl, I was envious of her big eyes and womanly figure. I always wanted to be part of her life but she always seemed distant.

My older brother and I used to play cops and robbers; I was usually the robber (this later became ironic when he became a criminal).

Throughout my childhood, my extended family belonged to a country club where I (along with my siblings and ten cousins) swam and dove for the swim team, took tennis lessons and played golf. Some of my fondest memories of those summers included playing the card game, “Spoons,” and eating stale popcorn from the bar after a long swim practice.
I was a terrifying child. One of my older cousins dubbed me the “Red Tornado” due to my wild red hair and my hyperactive behavior. I taught my six year old cousin how to play “21.”

We moved out of my favorite house when I was 12. My best friend threatened to slash our tires – she didn’t – or to chase our car down the street for as long as she could – she did – even though we moved less than a mile away.

Jai Ho

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I don't know why I love this so much.

Possibly because it reminds me of the Food Court Musical that Improv Everywhere came up with.

But mostly, this video just makes me want to learn that dance, and also take a dance class without completely humiliating myself.

Apparently (from reading of the comments on YouTube) the first girl that starts dancing came up with the whole idea and got her friends to go along with it. It wasn't a class project or formal group thing, just a nice little way to relieve stress during finals.

Also, this video is a great spontaneous advertisement for the Flip video. I kind of really want one now. Birthday?...

Encore, Encore!

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We all were sad when the Harry Potter series ended. I, for one, put that last book down and wasn't sure what to do next with my life. I've re-read them. I have both the British and American versions of the audiobooks (because I love both Stephen Fry AND Jim Dale). I've bought multiple copies of the books. (I actually have 5 different copies of the first book alone. I know. Sad.) I even knit my own Gryffindor scarf.

Did you the word "fan" is short for "fanatic"?

Anyway, when Rowling released her short story "prequel" for charity, I felt temporary satisfaction. And again when she released the Tales of Beedle the Bard. But of course, I look most forward to the day she writes another book (whether its part of the Potter world or not).

Well, although she has not said outright that she is working on more books, she did say she has not dismissed the possibility, "maybe 10 years from now." (See also, CNN - J.K. Rowling)

So I was thinking, if Rowling were to continue the Potter series, or at least write more in that universe, what might she try? So here are my Top 4:

4. The gang all grown up in their adult lives. (This is number four, because I really think their story has really reached completion.)
3. A new series with new characters but still set in the Wizarding World.
2. A more complete prequel about James, Lily, Sirius, Lupin, Snape, etc....
1. The next generation at Hogwarts (i.e. a continuation of the Epilogue) - More specifically, I think a new storyline with Teddy Lupin as a protagonist would be great. He's even got the whole "orphan" thing going on. Seriously. Think about it.

Also, apparently, a Rowling barbie doll has been released. Um. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It does kind of look like her at least...kind of. 

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