Archery is Sexy

posted by Jory on Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Archery has been really hot in shows and movies lately, and this makes me super happy. So, to prove to you all that archery is sexy sexy, I have compiled a list of awesomes that rock the sport.

1.The Huntsman. 
Jamie Dornan plays the Huntsman - you know, the one that's supposed to kill Snow White? - on ABC's hit Once Upon a Time. He handles all weapons quite adeptly, but he's particularly rad with the bow and arrow. But I might be just a little biased. Also, his yummy Irish accent doesn't hurt. (Gotta love an Irish bloke).
2. Legolas. 
To this day, it is Orlando Bloom's greatest role. I mean, I loved Pirates and I really loved Elizabethtowm - sup, Cameron Crowe? - but we all first fell in love with the elfish blonde with the wicked aim.
3. Hawkeye.
Okay, so I'm only a novice Marvel lover. I've read Spider-man and loved all the recent Marvel movies (especially X-Men). But other than that, I'm pretty unknowledgeable. So, I didn't even know who Hawkeye was until the end of the Thor movie. And I know I've seen Jeremy Renner in other movies, but I can't really place him. Either way, when I realized that the Avengers included a kick-ass archer with the coolest arrows I've ever seen...well, you could say I was pretty excited. And he didn't disappoint.
4. Robin Hood. 
There've been numerous Robins...but we all know Cary Elwes was the greatest. Just look at that mustache. A man in tights TIGHTS tights
5. Katniss. 
When I read the Hunger Games, I thought it was so cool that its heroine was not only a crack shot archer, but shooting with handmade bows and arrows. I'd really like to make my own now. I've never shot barebow, so I was a little confused by the appearance of Jennifer Lawrence's form before I realized the difference. Apparently she trained pretty hard and became quite a good archer. Of course, posters and scenes from the film aren't going to represent her skills too well because they movie makers are more concerned with her just appearing bad ass.
6. Me. 
I shot for about two years in college and it was awesome. If you haven't tried it, it's one of the most therapeutic activities. You can relieve so much stress, just make sure you turn your elbow out because if that string hits it at that high speed you'll be sure to regret it. Also, it can be cathartic if you're pissed off at someone because you can just imagine their face in the bullseye (or just tape a picture in there). Anyway, I had to leave archery behind when I left Cali. I miss my bow. I wish I had a huge backyard to set up a target on.



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