DIY Summer: High Waisted Bikini

posted by Jory on Tuesday, May 08, 2012
So.... I'm really into high waisted shorts and bathing suits right now. 

Norma Jean

Well, I'm a chub. We all know this. Therefore, finding a suitable bathing suit (haha, suitable suit) is a nightmare. I have a very lovely bikini top that holds the girls in just fine (Yes, I did). But, have you ever noticed how bikini bottoms tend to create/enhance the whole muffin-top effect? Yeah. They're super tight so that they don't fall down when you dive into the pool. (Happened to me. Not once, but twice. First time the bottoms; second time, I jumped feet first and my top decided not to go down with me). Not so good. Therefore, I have accepted a self-proposed challenge to make my own high-waisted bikini bottoms. I've found numerous different methods, and I'm willing to try 'em all if I have to. Because I'm not going to miss out on any more summer fun just because I'm self-conscious of my tum tum.

Here are the most helpful ideas I've found:
1. Use an existing pattern and make my own (from One Avian Daemon)

2. Create your own pattern by cutting up one of your old bikini bottoms (from Bowlers and Buttons)

3. Alter a one-piece (from Burda Style)

So just curious, to all the dudes, how do you feel about the high-waist bikini comeback?
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