Frank Turner Friday: Somebody to Love

posted by Jory on Friday, May 11, 2012
I know it's late, y'all, but I've had a very busy Friday. Normally I don't work on Fridays, but I rearranged my schedule this week since today was my friend's last day and I wanted to be there. It was her last day because she's finished her Masters and is done! And she's gone ahead and gotten herself a big girl job. I'm  proud of her. I'm going to be really lonely in my cubicle now, though. I have no one to chit chat with, anymore. I'm going to have to start talking to myself again.

So anyway, congrats to everyone who is graduating tonight!

I'm going to be lazy tonight and just post vids - no lyrics - but if you don't know the lyrics to this song I no longer have faith in you, anyway. Frank Turner covering Queen's "Somebody to Love."





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