Get To Know Me

posted by Jory on Wednesday, May 09, 2012
A few things that I love
(I should be writing that paper right now. Oh well.)
Diet Coke. My life force.
Writing. Especially in awesome
notebooks from Granada.
My Macbook. His name is Cooper.
My brilliant niece. She, coincidentally,
loves Jelly Beans.
My Fossil necklace. I'm a Fossil snob.
My Fossil purse, wallet, and
 wristlet (not pictured).
Sweets. Of the homemade variety.
Starbucks. And, consequently,
the Rewards program.
Clouds. Especially before/after a storm.
Reading. Good books.
Pez. The key to my heart.
My evening commute.
Road trips.
Motorcycles. Helmets are sexy.



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