I'll Give You a Book

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If you want one.

Normally, I take my books to used book shops and get store credit, but my store credit is already higher than I'll ever spend so if you want one of these I'll just send it to you. For no other reason than my own amusement. Really. Some I'm getting rid of because I have multiple copies and some because I just know I'll never read them and would rather free up some space on my already crowded shelves.

So take a gander mountain at the books I'm getting rid of. If you want one, DM (Twitter) or e-mail me your address. That's all. Also, first come first serve. US only (I was going to ship to Canada but I didn't realize how much more the shipping cost was, not to mention the customs hassle). Now that's all.

Oh, wait. If you're so inclined to trade me for a book of yours, that's cool too. Not required, though.
Three Cups of Tea (paperback)
Mrs. Dalloway - Virginia Woolf (paperback)
A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson (paperback)
The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield (paperback)
Animal Farm - George Orwell (hardcover- I think it's a library binding)
An Abundance of Katherines - John Green (hardcover)
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte (Penguin Classics - paperback - a little worn)
Reading Lolita in Tehran - Azar Nafisi (paperback)
Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold (hardcover)
Up in the Air - Walter Kirn (paperback)
Kiss Me Kill Me - Lauren Henderson (hardcover)
Nights in Rodanthe - Nicholas Sparks (hardcover)
Message in a Bottle - Nicholas Sparks (hardcover)

Self Portrait

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One of my goals for 2013 is to learn photography properly. I took a class back in high school using a manual film camera, but though I've had my Nikon D70 for about 4 years, I've barely used M mode. For shame. I know.

Another goal is to learn cool tricks with Photoshop beyond the basic layer masks I use for work.

I'm going to periodically be posting photography samples throughout the year to see my progress. Here's a self-portrait I took today after reading about how bubbles freeze below 32 °F. I decided to experiment and, sadly, my bubbles did not freeze, but I did get some cool pictures, including one with my reflection in it.

What do you think?


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