Baby, It's Been A Long Time...

posted by Jory on Monday, April 20, 2009
Okay. I know I could actually attribute my lack of posting to the fact that I have a month left of college and I am v. busy tying up loose ends.

But lets face it, if I'm honest with myself, its because I'm lazy. (And busy. Because I am. But mostly lazy.)

So really, there's just one thing I feel like talking about.

House, M.D.
I caught myself up on the happenings at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. (If you aren't up to date and don't want any spoilers, by all means stop reading.) I was terribly surprised when one of my favorite characters, Dr. Kutner, was killed off. Just like House, throughout the whole episode I was counting on his being murdered, because suicide just didn't make sense. However, its clear now that it was suicide, and it wasn't supposed to make sense. So I have now spent the past couple days speculating as to why Kutner, the one character who seemed to have it all together, would take his own life in such a violent manner.

Option A- His birth parents' death has been haunting him more than he ever let on. The memory finally became too much to handle. This is slightly feasible, but as House pointed out, he was openly dealing with the pain and had photos of the two sets of parents side by side, showing that he had accepted his life as it was.

Option B- He ran out of money and didn't know what else to do. This would kind of make sense if you remember that little scam he tried to pull a few episodes back where he diagnosed people over the internet using House's name. However, this is a stretch, and Kutner never really seemed like the type to give up when the going got tough.

Option C- He was lonely and just couldn't deal. Last season he had mentioned that he had thought about asking Amber out once. As far as we know, Kutner hasn't dated anyone and he doesn't seem to have any friends outside of the team. He lives alone. Maybe he felt alone. This also seems like a stretch, however, because he seemed to genuinely love his job and care about people. He was the most optimistic on the team and I would find it hard to believe that he would not see the good in his own life.

So that leaves me with...nothing.

Any other ideas please share, because its driving me crazy. I'm sure they will get to it eventually, but I'm impatient. And it's kind of fun trying to solve the mystery.



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