Frank Turner Friday: Ladies of London Town

posted by Jory on Friday, August 24, 2012
This song came on my iPod as I was driving to work the other day and it surprised me that I hadn't heard it before. Alas, this happens sometimes. I have all of the Frank Turner albums in one playlist and I usually just put it on shuffle.

Anyway, I really liked this song. I thought it was incredibly sweet, and it made me wish I was a lady of London, myself. I think we get so used to men describing women as hot, sexy, etc. which are all well and good, but there's something refreshing about hearing a man describe a woman as simply beautiful.

I think I was also captured by the self-deprecating tone Frank takes, as well as the fact that in spite of the makeup and skin, it's the smile that takes his breath away.

Frank Turner - The Ladies Of London Town
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"Ladies of London Town" by Frank Turner
There's so many beautiful girls in here tonight, 
I can hardly stand it.
Where do they go during the day?
Who the hell do they go home with at the end of the night?
I don't understand it.
They never go home with me.

You dance as if you're hours away from death, 
You're wearing too much make-up and showing too much flesh, 
And you smile a smile to take away my breath, 
Because tonight, and only tonight, you know you're the best.

The ladies of London town
Go flowing through these streets like water
Running little streams down to the river.
They wash the dirty ground, they sweep me off my feet, 
But like an English summer, they'll soon be gone forever.

I've seen you trawling Camden at 4am, 
Outside of the clubnight, 
Deciding whose house will hold a free-for-all.
I've followed you back to mansions and I've met all your friends
Under the streetlights
But I can never recall what you're called.

You dance, you sweat, 
Your glance is met, 
And you hold my gaze a bit, 
And pretend you never did, 
And I'm left standing on my own.

The ladies of London town throw one last glance over their shoulders, 
Blow a kiss, and then they're gone forever.



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