Yesterday's News...and maybe today's too.

posted by Jory on Saturday, December 06, 2008
So. I know it's probably old news by now...but I just didn't have time/energy to post yesterday. And actually, right now I'm supposed to be working on my script...but, eh, whatever. No one's looking.

Okay, so the most bizarre headline that caught my eye yesterday was this:

    "Boy George Found Guilty of Imprisoning Male Escort"

    Really, George? Really? You're 46, and you're still wearing your makeup like that? I mean...I know it was cool back in the 80s (well probably not, but who am I to say? I was barely alive), but come on! When are you going to learn that pink cowboy hats do NOT look good on men, or anyone for that matter?

    Also, the actress Minnie Driver is all geared up for Christmas. What's she giving her friends? Camels? Okay, then.
      And did everybody hear about Mark Ruffalo's brother? This is just so sad. Mark is so cute. And his brother didn't deserve to be shot. Well, actually, I don't know that, but whatever. Does anyone ever deserve to be shot? Anyway, I hope he pulls through, because I don't want Mark to lose his brother.
        I know. That last one was a major downer. But you have to watch this. I am laughing so hard. I mean, honestly, could something be anymore superficial and shallow and stupid? It makes me actually want to watch the show. Because we could all use a little more laughter in life.
          Another thing to laugh at: Facebook deleted the real Lindsay Lohan thinking she was a fake. Priceless.
            My school's newspaper had an article yesterday about the economy and the decrease in spending. A freshman (ah typical) made a comment along the lines of "it's so bad. My friends and I can't make weekend trips to the beach anymore. I have to spend all my money on groceries and toiletries." I laughed. Welcome to life, child.
              Finally, I know this means nothing to anyone else, and I don't normally share things about my personal life, so I'm going to try to keep this minimal. But yesterday a friend of mine told me she had a run in with a certain ex-boyfriend of mine. And not only that, but she didn't realize he was my ex-boyfriend, and she had described him as a creeper who gave her really bad vibes. Now, on the one hand, I don't really remember him as being creepy at all. He was typically a nice, gentlemanly guy when I dated him, but on the other hand, hahahahahaha. I'm sorry. But hearing things like that about your exes, no matter how good/bad the breakup was, just makes you feel kind of good about the fact that you're not in a relationship with them anymore.
                So now, I have to say au revoir (see, I'm incorporating French back into my everyday life to prepare me for my class next semester), and go back to writing my screenplay. Wish me luck!

                Oh! And stay tuned! Coming up next (maybe tomorrow, maybe not) I'll be providing a list of my favorite Christmas movies! Yay!


                Margaret on 7/12/08 1:54 AM said...

                That Boy George. But seriously its too funny...


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