It's December!

posted by Jory on Monday, December 01, 2008
Time to dive in to my advent calendar!

Yes. I bought one. They were my favorite part of Christmas when I was little (you know, aside from presents and Santa and what not).

My grandma used to have a handmade advent calendar that she would hang in her hallway and my cousin and I would fight over who got to open that day's candy. I usually won. I was older. And stronger. Although now he towers over me. Don't you hate when that happens?

Anyways, I only have about two weeks left of the semester and this month is going to be the absolute worst. I have three journals, two essays, and one screenplay due. And I have to send short stories out to publications to be rejected. And I have four finals to take in two days.

Don't you wish you were me right now?

But who cares? It's DECEMBER!!! (And I got to listen to Christmas music this morning!)


Lance Carlson on 1/12/08 8:57 PM said...

screenplay? what be yo major?

jo on 1/12/08 11:33 PM said...

Film! And I only have one semester left.


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