And it starts...

posted by Jory on Saturday, November 29, 2008
As you can see, I have changed my layout, again.

But for a good cause. Christmas season has arrived!!! Yay!!!

And after this hopefully I will find/create/purchase a permanent layout. Because trying to edit my html and salvage my widgets (whoever invented that word was a genius) is not an enjoyable task.

Anyways, Thanksgiving is over. I'm heading back to school. I'm terrified of the month ahead.

And even when it's over I'm going to have to try and re-learn three years worth of French before fulfilling my foreign language requirement to graduate. Luckily, (since I can't afford Rosetta Stone - sob) I found this website that lets you download a free program, which should at least help me make a dent in my crash refresher course.

I'm also getting more and more excited about my almost-niece. I went into about five baby stores today, and the little tiny socks are just about the cutest things ever.

I'm sleepy. And I need to repack my suitcase.



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