Black Friday Kicks Butt! Or it just kicked mine...too soon to tell.

posted by Jory on Saturday, November 29, 2008
I got 99% of my Christmas shopping done.

I also got suckered into spending $30 on an exfoliating peel by a very persuasive salesgirl at UTC.

But I don't feel too bad. Because I haggled. And after I got home I googled (isn't that funny how that's actually a word? Seriously. Cracks me up.) It was actually supposed to cost $100. And it makes my skin milky white.

And I got something for Enid! I'm so excited. I was in Janie and Jack and there was a baby in a stroller waving his hands around, so I cooed at him and clapped my hands together, and he threw me a great big smile and started clapping, he repeated everything I did. I was in love. I adore happy babies. Maybe that's why I love this guy so much.

My neighbor, Blake. (Blakers)

When I have children someday, I want them to be just like him. Always smiley and happy and easy to please. And just the sweetest little thing in the entire universe. Seriously. If I ask him for a kiss he just closes his eyes, purses his lips, and lifts his head up for me. So cute. I don't want him to grow up. You hear that Blakers? Stay little. Forever.

Anyways. I'm completely shopped out. And I don't even want to THINK about what my credit card statement is going to look like. I know I didn't spend more than I have. And I know it's Christmas. But still. Scary.

Speaking of Christmas, I totally understood today why we start to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving. And that is because Christmas really IS the most wonderful time of the year. People are just generally happier during the holidays. So why wouldn't we want to get a head start on the good cheer?

I watched Wall-E tonight for the first time. Have you seen it? You need to. I'm serious. It made me cry. It was so sweet. What could be more endearing than a helpful little robot trying to save the earth and win the love of a fancy, clean, pretty female robot? He's like the little engine that could, only not an engine. And of course an homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Good stuff.

And Hello, Dolly...

can I just say, WHOA Michael Crawford? He's like a little baby! So weird. And yet, so good. So good. I want to go watch Hello, Dolly in it's entirety now.

Or just go to bed. Because I woke up early to hit the online sales. God bless the internet. Especially amazon.

Goodnight dear readers.



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