My Weekend Thus Far

posted by Jory on Saturday, November 08, 2008
So, I finished ANOTHER Meg Cabot book last night.  I kind of want to cry.  Because it was the last one until she publishes more - for adults anyway. I could go read her YA and probably be equally as happy.

I'm at my aunt's house playing with the dogs.  Working on my novel.  And taking pictures.

I've an additional 900 words so far, and I'm planning on doing some more tonight. I've breaked only to take some pictures and watch last week's episode of Bones.  Oh, and now I'm watching When Harry Met Sally while I make dinner. I didn't like it last time I saw it. But I LOVE it now.

I think I'll show you some know...just to be nice.

This is Mr. Lou looking pretty.

Mr. Lou again. I can't help it, he's just such a good model.

The pretty koi.

This is my grandpa. I think I look like him.


Charlie Blue. Don't you think he looks, well, blue?




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