I'm not getting old yet.

posted by Jory on Saturday, November 01, 2008
I felt like a little kid today.

My friend and I got two free tickets to Knott's Berry Farm, so we went.  And I got so excited about everything.  She said I was so distracted by everything, just like a little kid.

Then we went to the Sprint store and I got my phone switched, so now I can receive texts from outside sources like Google and email addresses and such, yay!

(This means I can use Bluetooth to make new ringtones)!

When I came out of the Sprint store it started raining.  Please note: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE rain, and I've missed it so much since moving to California.

Anyways, I went into Baskin Robbins and got some Mint Chip (my favorite) ice cream and the lady put frosting on it for me (remember those clowns?).  I was so excited.  So I sat under an umbrella outside in the rain and ate my ice cream.  It was spectacular.



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