posted by Jory on Saturday, November 15, 2008
I was feeling a little inadequate, in some regards, because I'm taking a creative writing class, which I love, but which is focused solely on literary fiction.

Don't get me wrong. I like literary fiction. Reading it. Not so much writing it.

I'm more of a genre gal.

But I was getting the impression that writing genre fiction, especially the genre I mostly write (which is chick-lit), is not respectable.

I don't really know how this can be so, however, when one of my favorite authors - Meg Cabot, in case you haven't been paying attention. And if you haven't, well, come on. Get with the program here - is so great at it and her books are bestsellers and people love her.

(Plus she just won a Distinguished Alumni Award from her Alma Mater, Indiana University.)

But I no longer feel inadequate. I know that I am a good writer (sure I could always use some polishing), and I have a niche. And different people have different tastes, so it's perfectly fine that I want to write light bubbly fiction geared mostly towards women. Because that's what I like to read. Because it cheers my most stressful and depressing days. And if I can do that for someone else that I think that is pretty respectable.

The only place I'm still feeling slightly inadequate, however, is the amount of time I'm able to put into my novel.

As you can see, my NaNoWriMo count is only at 4,786 words. And the month is half over. I've come to terms with the fact that I am not going to finish by the end of the month.

(But, I finished chapter four last night. And I'm feeling pretty good about it. Especially since one of my best friends is sitting next to me reading parts of it and I can hear her giggling at the funny parts. It brings me joy.)

Anyway, I asked Meg Cabot - on her message board, not really expecting a response from her but maybe from one of the moderators - about how many words/pages she writes a day. And SHE responded personally! But the amount she told me is like TEN TIMES the amount I write a day. And some days I don't write anything, because I'm too busy studying for an Acts exam.

So I feel inadequate. And it's only slightly helped by the knowledge that I'm trying to write a novel at the same time I'm trying to finish my senior year of college and bring up my GPA so that I can graduate Summa Cum Laude (which suffice it to say is NOT going to happen after this semester's results from Acts).

Okay. I'll just keep taking it one day at a time.

Thanks Meg Cabot for responding personally to me. And congratulations on your discipline. I admire it greatly.

By the way, readers, if you are at all interested in Meg Cabot (as you should be) you should read her blog/check out her website.


Emily on 17/11/08 2:41 PM said...

yay! it works!

Remember - don't feel too bad about not writing as much as her. She doesn't have Acts class to study for, she gets paid to write. It is her job. Someday you will be there too. Don't get so down on yourself : )

Margaret on 17/11/08 5:45 PM said...

You are by no means inadequate:) Plus you do have other things you have to work on, like Acts. And I know thats a hard class, haha. Don't beat yourself up. Just keep doing the best you can do!

Alice Reeves on 21/11/08 7:18 AM said...

As you said to me on one of your comments, just because you're lacking the time to write at the moment, it doesn't make you any less of a writer. You're in a similar situation to me at the moment - so much college work that writing has to be on the back burner. It sucks, but I'm just focusing on the fact that one day soon, writing will be my career. And remember, Meg Cabot writes for a living - she doesn't have to do a degree as well! I say good on you for writing 4,000 odd words of a story! There's no way I could be that disciplined right now. How about some novel excerpts on the blog? Would love to read some of your fiction writings. The bit you posted on the blog a while ago was great.

Dots on 24/11/08 3:38 PM said...

Put your heart in what you do... don't let anyone make you feel you are inadequate.. we are all as adequate as we let ourselves be.
I had heard this when I had failed in achieving something I badly wanted when I was in high school.. "To succeed, do the best you can, where you are, with what you have."
I've tried to follow that in my life, and it has been very useful..
Good Luck :)
May all your dreams come true in this great season!


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