A Poll on Ethics

posted by Jory on Saturday, January 29, 2011
I'm taking a poll to aid me in an assignment I am doing for my Rhetoric class. Don't worry about the context, don't think too hard about your answer, just give me you initial gut opinion. The theme here is right vs. wrong. Base your answers on ethics not legality. I really appreciate the help. I will explain the point of this poll after I see some results and finish my assignment.

If you know a person is a recovering alcoholic and you put a drink in their hand, would you feel responsible if they drink it?

If you hand a person a shovel, would you feel responsible for the driveway getting cleared of snow?

If you know a kid is being bullied and you put a gun in their hand, would you feel responsible if they shoot someone?

If you supplied a person with illegal drugs, would you feel responsible if they overdosed?

If you lecture about the importance of physical appearance, would you feel responsible if a young girl in the audience develops an eating disorder?

If you give a speech about the importance of charity, would you feel responsible for the many audience members donating large sums of money?

I know that some of these issues are not black and white and that you may want to justify your response. Please choose yes or no first based on initial reaction. After that, if you desire, you can use the comments section to explain or argue your case. However, for the purpose of my assignment, all I am really looking for is the yes or no.

Thanks for your time.



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