Another WTF Day

posted by Jory on Tuesday, October 11, 2011
So, I'm kind of a mess today.

1. I got shin splints walking from work to class because I lost track of time. I got from one end of campus to the other in just under 10 minutes.

2. You know that scene in Airplane where the guy is like, "I have a drinking problem," and every time he goes to take a drink he splashes it on his face instead?

Well, I think I have a drinking problem. Only, instead of missing my mouth, I am actually able to take a sip, but then I randomly and involuntarily spit it out. I did this with my coffee in the middle of class. If anyone noticed, nobody said anything. I played it cool. Well, as cool as you can play drooling on yourself, anyway.

3. I purchased said coffee from a vending machine. It was supposed to cost $1.10. I put in $2. The change I received was 35 cents and a watch battery...

4. I tripped myself stepping into my pajama bottoms. They are shorts.



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