Penelope Room Project

posted by Jory on Sunday, October 23, 2011
So, I'm 24 and I live with my parents. But I'm okay with that. Because they have hooked me up with a sweet basement pad. I call it the Woman Cave. In the Woman Cave, I finally have abundant space to display my large collection of books. But, as the basement is newly finished - well, sort of, it was finished almost a year ago - there are still areas that require some finishing touches.

My bedroom, for instance, is quite bare since I had originally put my bookshelves in it and then later decided to move them to the den. All I have on my walls are one piece of painted metal that I picked up at Pottery Barn and calendar featuring historical covers from Rolling Stone.

(I've always wondered, did the band come first or the magazine? I should look that up.)

Anyways, recently I re-watched the movie Penelope (starring Christina Ricci and James McAvoy) and was completely blown away by the production design. The colors are gorgeous and are repeated everywhere throughout the film, making it extremely aesthetically pleasing and unifying the story. My favorite part, I have to say though, was the set design of Penelope's room/nursery. The first thing I noticed was that the color of her walls is similar to the color of my own bedroom walls. Thus, it gave me some great inspiration for decorating my room. My new project is going to be converting my room into something that emulates the same magical and ethereal quality that Penelope's room evokes.

Here are some images I grabbed from the film:

 This green is really similar to the green in my room. I really love the burnt orange cushions here and I'm thinking about finding a bedspread that matches that color.

Her bedroom, which is off the nursery, is a reversal of the dominant colors. Here the bedspread is the same green as the nursery walls and the bedroom walls are kind of a rusty, burnt red. I love the large "windows."

Here is another view of the nursery. I'm going to have to copy the butterflies on the wall, except I will probably go for birds. I also really love the swing and would like to mimic the look possibly with a wall-mounted bookshelf. My room is not large enough for those beautiful metal room dividers, but I might be able to find a smaller wall ornament. The one thing that I really love but am not sure where I could fit any are the ornate terrariums you see all over the nursery.

 I love this tree, but there's no way I have the time or resources to duplicate it. I'm considering creating a wall decal using ConTact paper, but I haven't quite decided if I want to keep the orange. Thoughts?

It's going to be a hefty project, but extremely satisfying, I imagine.



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