Movies to Watch For (Round 2)

posted by Jory on Monday, February 04, 2013
So, I still haven't seen all of the movies from Round 1. Particulary, "Upside Down," - which hasn't made its way to theaters wide yet - "Apart," and "The Five Year Engagement" - which is now set to record from HBO and I will watch hopefully in the near future.

Here's some new ones that look kind of rad.

1. "Knights of Badassdom" - Okay, so actually this movie looks disgusting. But I will see it for two main reasons: the great Steve Zahn and Jimmi Simpson (it's Mary from "Psych"!). I'm also pretty sure I can persuade my geeky guy friends to see it with my by uttering the magic words, "Summer Glau," as she seems to be at the top of every geek-guy's list. Some back up reasons to see this movie include, but are not limited to, the hot brother from True Blood, Peter Dinklage (he's an angry elf), Abed from "Community," and, of course, LARP.

2. "The Kitchen" - I'll admit it. I have a bit of a lady boner for Bryan Greenberg. And he and Laura Prepon already have some excellent chemistry pre-established from their roles on the sadly short-lived "October Road," so I'm looking forward to this one.

3. "Into the White" - RON I'LL FOLLOW YOU ANYWHERE! (Except maybe not in the snow. You understand).

4. "The End of Love" - Looks like I might need a box of Kleenex in the theater with me.

5. "Small Apartments" - It's so colorful. And I mean that in the literal snese. Also, Billy Crystal, James Marsden and Rebel Wilson. I've said it before: Rebel Wilson is my spirit animal.



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