A Bad Day and Then Some

posted by Jory on Monday, January 26, 2009
I came home tonight to find that my pantry shelf had been taken over by an army of ants. They are coming through the cupboards and up and down the wall, but they leave my roommate's shelf alone. Lucky her. I'm not sure why they choose to hate me? Or like me, I guess. I didn't leave any food unopened. The only thing they actually got into was my cereal, but still. Gross. This seems to always happen after it rains. Why does such a beautiful thing (rain) have to bring about such madness?

On top of that, I had to add two more classes to my schedule, bringing me up to 19 units. The 19th unit is going to cost me another $1,100. Yay me.

I am taking Intermediate French. This really sucks. It's been five years since I took a French class, and I don't remember much. I've been reading the text book (which cost $160 btw), and I can understand most stuff while I'm reading it, but when the prof speaks, I can't understand 95% of what he says. I'm just going to focus on passing, however.

Also, a certain undesirable is in one of my classes. I was really hoping to avoid this, but alas, there is nothing to be done. I need the class to graduate. This is the only section offered. Whatever. To quote a certain vampire, "I'll just have to endure it."

The one great thing about today was my novel writing class. I don't think I mentioned it, but I am taking this class. And I'm so glad I am. Not only is it a lot of fun, and entertaining, but my old roommate who spent the last semester in London is in it with me and I really missed her. So YAY! Also, my assignment is to read five books in the genre that I want to write, so....Meg Cabot for homework!!!

Anyways, back to the homework and the writing. Oh, and listening to Deathly Hallows on audiotape, which always makes me feel better. Good writing is so soothing, don't you think?

P.S. Can I just say that I CAN'T WAIT for Half Blood Prince to come out in July. I don't blame them for pushing it back. I really don't. But it had better not dissapoint because the longer I wait the more my expectations are built up.



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