Why 2009 Is Going To Be a Better Year

posted by Jory on Thursday, January 08, 2009
So, 2008 most definately was NOT a great year for me.

Sure, it had some nice things going for it, not that I can think of any right now, but...

Mostly, it just kind of sucked.

However, I am determined to make 2009 great. Here is why:
  1. I am going to finish my novel. I really am. I don't know how...or when, but it will be done, oh yes, it will be done. (That was a Wayne's World reference to anyone who didn't catch that.)
  2. I'm going to save my money so that I can buy a car. My best friend just bought on like this... and I'm pretty much in love. And if I can find a job, then I can ::maybe:: afford to finance one.
  3.  I will graduate from college. The whole going-out-into-the-world-without-school-as-a-security-blanket thing kind of scares me, I'm not gonna lie. But, having time to read books I want to read, watch my shows, write my novel instead of doing busy work for some class....is all pretty appealing. Which brings me to,
  4. I will find a job. I have absolutely no idea what job it will be, or where it will be at, or how soon I will find it... but again, it will be done. It most likely will not be my dream job, and I'll probably hate more aspects of it than I'll love, at least at first, but I can manage.
  5. I will lose weight and look fabulous. I have put on a bit of weight since last summer, not having time to breathe, let alone work out, and all. And the healthy food choices on my campus leave much to be desired. It's going to be hard. But I will do it. I've already started pushing myself to use the fitness center on campus. I like it, and am possibly becoming addicted to it, especially because when I'm walking on the treadmills (at a high incline, I feel I must add) I can be catching up on my reading. Awesome.
  6. I'm going to live somewhere. That was really deep wasn't it? I know. I could tell as I was writing it. But really. What I mean is that I'm not going to be living with my parents, or as a dependent of my parents. I'm going to be living in an apartment which I will pay for with MY money, that is not a dorm or a school owned apartment. I will really be on my own.
  7. I'm going to turn 22. This is kind of an easy one, because I don't actually have to do anything to make this one happen. Unless you count not dying. Which I won't. Because that just seems slightly morbid and weird. But I can't actually help giggling at that thought, because "Hey guys! My New Year's resolution is to NOT DIE this year. Yeah, I know, it's going to be tough. Last year really took its toll, you know, with me dying like three times. But in my defense that last one wasn't really my fault..." I know. I'm odd. Embrace it. But anyway, back to the turning 22 thing. I have a tendency to prefer the year after the milestones. 16? The freshmen of drivers. 18? The freshmen of adults/voters. 20? The freshmen of the non-teenagers. 21? Freshman drinkers. Well, maybe not really, but at least on paper. So I'd prefer to be 22, or maybe even 23, and then just stay in that age forever. It could happen, right?
Anyway, there's just a few. I'm determined. And when it's over, I'm going to look back at 2008 and be like, "What do you have to say to me now?"


Alice Reeves on 9/1/09 2:17 PM said...

Love the new layout! Think you may have cracked it this time. I know EXACTLY how you feel... I'm officially being chucked out of the student bubble at the end of this month - of course by way of blogging I'll be sharing my experiences! Also, I turned 22 a month and a half ago... it IS way better than 21, same as my 19th was WAY better than my 18th... I feel the same way about milestone birthdays, clearly...
Good luck with all your resolutions, especially good luck with the novel. I have a hell of a long way to go with mine so any tips by way of blogging would be amazingly helpful!



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