posted by Jory on Friday, September 26, 2008
I'm sensing a pattern... and this pattern is my complete and utter lack of sleep.

I do sleep, don't get me wrong. But I sleep very little, and often unexpectedly on the couch.

Why do I sleep on the couch? Do I think my roommate smells? No, no I don't.
Is my bed extremely uncomfortable? Not since I bought a foamy mattress pad. Could it be that for class every Friday morning I have to have read 5 short stories and written 1? Bingo.

Now, one might say that I should do this during the week, and I might agree, until I look at the rest of my homework schedule. Every other block of time during the week is taken up by an assignment for a different class. Therefore, this assignment typically gets done between the hours of 12am and 9am, with me randomly falling asleep for a few short hours (in a very awkward position I might add) on the couch, then my roommate asking me if I ever went to bed when she wakes up and finds me still in the living room. This has occurred every Thursday night/Friday morning since the beginning of the semester. I do not plan it. I do not wish it. If anyone can help me remedy this situation, please give me a suggestion. Though, preferably a suggestion that does not involve me doing homework on a Friday night.

It seems as if the only time I sleep soundly is on the weekends. I really don't like sleeping in, so when I woke up yesterday and couldn't get out of bed, I hated myself for having to stay in bed until noon. What a waste of the day!

On the bright side, I have acquired a taste for Chai. <- more like "acquired an addiction."



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