Home Sweet Home...?

posted by Jory on Tuesday, September 30, 2008
So, the roommate and I are both sick.

A little over a month ago we moved into our apartment with the excitement that comes with all things new. Now let me just take a moment to say that I am very happy to be out of the dorms, living in a humble one bedroom apartment, sharing with only one other person...but there were issues tied in with this that I was a little less than chipper about. Things that should have been taken care of before our arrival. Roommate mentioned these in her blog, but I am going to as well.

Item #1 - Our pantry had three broken/missing shelves. Roommate's BF measured and built some new ones for us and we split the cost for materials. We petitioned for Facilities to reimburse us as we felt it was something they should have provided for us as we do pay rent. However, we were told that they were only required to provide us with "a" shelf, which they did, and that was to suffice.

Item #2 - A cabinet door that, once opened, broke off the hinge and hung awkwardly on the other. It stuck out and snagged us every time we walked by. It took them three weeks to come and repair.

Item #3 - The previous tenants left a present for us in our garbage disposal. We put in a request for a repair, but it ended up being me who reached in and pulled out the unidentifiable plastic object. Roommate found a work order from Facilities taped to our door a week later saying that they had come in and fixed it... Good work guys. Thanks a billion.

Item #4 - Our bathtub would not drain. Luckily, an entire bottle of drain cleaner worked it's magic, for the most part anyway.

Item #5 - Our apartment walls and doors have been painted over so many times that our adhesive hooks wont stay for long. We've have problems with things falling off the walls, such as our curtains, my towel hook, and our full length mirror. One of the curtain hooks actually fell off without any weight put on it.

Item #6 - This is the biggie, people. Our carpet was cleaned over the summer. Nice, right? Not so much. After being shampooed, our apartment was closed up and not given time to air out.

Therefore, we moved in to a mildew infested apartment. Yay! Though I have to say, that was the quickest I've ever seen Facilities respond to a work order, and rightly so. They re-cleaned the carpet and left a dryer with us over the weekend.

SO, we should be good right? Right?
Wrong again.

We've both been sick for weeks now, going back and forth with the same symptoms and feeling not quite up to par everyday.

Now, I have just been hoping that something is going around and a little bit of Airborne and a fair amount of sleep will cure us.

Clearly, I don't want to, nor do I have time to, clear out my possessions and furniture so new carpet can be put in.

Unfortunately, this has been going on so long and all signs are pointing towards remaining mildew being the source of our unhealth.


Jenni on 1/10/08 5:15 PM said...

Hey Jory.

I had this problem at my office a year ago and we just sprayed the heck out of the carpets with Lysol disinfecting spray. It stinks to high heaven (even with the "good-smelling" variety) but after the fibers dried up, so did our sinuses.

I like your blog, it's pretty!


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