Time Off

posted by Jory on Saturday, October 04, 2008
So, I have this friend. Let's just call this friend Z.

Friendships are all about give and take, right?
Well, Z has the "take" part down pat...not so much the "give."

Now, I generally think of my self as a generous person. I like to do things for people - help them, serve them, whatever. I do this for Z, because Z is a friend that I care about. But just because I like to serve does not mean that I am not human. I get tired. I get worn out. And I dont appreciate it when Z won't do one thing for me, but then expects me to drop everything I am doing because Z is bored. Z is what I call a "good-time friend" because you call this person when you want to have fun, but this person is not reliable for anything else.

I have this other friend, we'll call this one X.

X likes to jump to conclusions.
It can be very difficult to have a simple conversation with X, or even just ask a question without X assuming you are implying something else. X is always on the defense, even when there is no offense. This can be very frustrating, not to mention mentally and emotionally wearing.

Maintaining relationships can be hard work, and sometimes even downright exhausting. This is why everybody needs some time off, some "Me-time."

At this very moment, my apartment is completely empty, and I am just relishing in the quiet, in the stillness. I strongly suggest, no matter who you are or how much of a people person you are, that you take some time to not do anything and just sit in silence. Peace. Just take some time to think about yourself, or not think at all, and just relax and unwind. It's really the most refreshing feeling.

I am alone, and it feels good.



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