posted by Jory on Friday, October 17, 2008
I was doing so well!

Well, okay, the stress levels have been high.

But I've been getting my work done, I've been getting more sleep,...I've been getting my work done. I know I said that already but I'm proud of my productivity.

I was keeping away from any major distractions. Minor distractions...well whatever, the occasional blog post and what not, but nothing that ultimately affected my efficiency.

But then stinkin Meg Cabot comes along and decides to write books. Books that I love. Books that I don't want to stop reading. Book that even if I have to go to the ladies room I'll hold it because I have to turn to the next page.

It's Friday. I'm at work, sitting at the gate with the heater directed towards me (it's freezing in here) and I'm looking at all of the things I need to get done this weekend, yet the only book I can bring myself to open Queen of Babble Gets Hitched.

And not only do I just want to read, but when I finish, I just want to sit and ponder it for the next hour and a half.

Remember that discussion on what makes a book great? I think that should be added to the list there.

Anyway, I should indulge, at least for the next hour while I'm sitting at the gate without my homework with. I've had a long week. Don't make me feel guilty.

I'm going back to my book. Don't talk to me.



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