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posted by Jory on Thursday, October 09, 2008
I've been doing a lot of reading on agents and publishers and the such. I've also been doing a lot of procrastinating by reading blogs and movie news and such. Well, I stumbled upon this article by Meg Cabot, author of the famous Princess Diaries series as well as numerous entertaining adult lit, such as the Queen of Babble series which I am currently reading (when I'm not doing homework, blogging, writing the next great American novel, or working on my new feature script).

Anyways, in this article Meg lists her top ten reasons why she loves writing Young Adult fiction, and it's cute so I wanted to share:

10) It is one of the few jobs in which you can legally work in your pajamas.

9) Your readers talk about interesting things like: what happened on The OC last night, and: Do you think this boy likes me?

8) YA is one of the few genres in which it is perfectly acceptable not to have any sex scenes at all.

7) If you make a mistake in a YA, your readers will not hesitate to let you know about it.

6) They will also not hesitate to let you know that your book was so good, they read it in 90 minutes while standing up at Barnes and Noble, and so they didn’t need to buy it.

5) When I used to research my historical romances, I would have to go to the library. To do my YA research, I just have to turn on the WB or MTV, and it’s all there!

4) Writing YA is one of the few ways you can actually profit from having an inner voice that is approximately 14 years old.

3) You get to relive all the traumas you experienced as a teen, only this time, you can give them all a happy ending.

2) You can get back at all the cheerleaders who were mean to you in high school by modeling characters after them.

And the number-one reason writing YA rules is:

1) I get to meet fellow lovers of YA books—teenagers, teachers, librarians, and discriminating adult readers as well!

By the way, if you haven't noticed already, I'm a name dropper. And I'll probably dropping names like Meg Cabot's and Cameron Crowe's quite frequently. Just so you know.



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