Study Break #1

posted by Jory on Monday, October 13, 2008
I'm taking a much needed break from homework to share a list of my favorite scents.
  1. "hot out of the printer" paper
  2. old books
  3. new books
  4. rain
  5. fresh snow
  6. a nice, fresh cup of hot tea
  7. cake or cookies in the oven
  8. my tomato-alfredo sauce as it is cooking
  9. anything Aveda
  10. chlorine
  11. Old Spice
  12. Bath and Body Works' Aromatherapy (Jasmine-Vanilla and Eucalyptus Spearmint)
  13. freshly cut lawn
  14. my Herbal Essences - Hello Hydration Shampoo and Condition (it's Orchid and Coconut Milk)
  15. Dryer sheets
  16. woodsmoke
  17. unlit menthol cigarettes
  18. pipe tobacco
  19. popcorn
  20. newly sharpened pencils



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