Music vs. Movies

posted by Jory on Tuesday, September 16, 2008
So, I think it's very interesting - the differentiation between movie lovers and music lovers. Most people are both, myself included, but I'd have to say I'm slightly more fond of movies than music. If I had to choose between going to a concert or seeing a movie in the theatre, I would pick the movie. I honestly just don't have the attention span for a concert, nor do my feet have the endurance to stand such long periods of time. The band would have to be pretty incredible performers (or I would have to know someone in the band) for me to really get into it.

I tend to think that when it comes to music and movies, you can't really have one without the other. However, I have heard the argument that you can have music without movies but not the other way around. Personally -- and I doubt I'm the only one in this -- every time I listen to music I start visualizing sequences of a movie that I might like to write, and every time I write I start subconsciously deciding which songs should go where. So for me, they go hand in hand.



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